The remains of a 76-year old Elgin woman were said to be found inside a duffel bag in Lincoln Park lagoon, and the Cook County medical examiner’s office has also confirmed that these remains were the result of murder by the woman’s son.

The 55-year old son of the victim, Brian Peck, was charged with murder last Tuesday and for throwing out her remains on the north side of the lagoon where it was recovered. The Elgin police charged Peck of murder and concealment of homicidal death as well.

It was Peck who reported that the mother of Brian Peck, Gail Peck, has gone missing last Friday at exactly 3:37 in the afternoon. According to the story, he told the police, his mother went to walk their dog but never came back. It was only the dog that returned to the house located in the 700 block of Littleton Trail in Elgin.

The police officers searched the entire area with the help of the Community Emergency Services Team, ATVs, Elgin front, and the Cook County helicopter as well. Most of the residents living in the same neighborhood tried to help make the search speedy as well.

It was then the detectives came to the realization that the story of the missing Gail Peck is not what her son had told. They searched frantically until they came up with the warrant.

The following morning of the search, at around 11 in the morning, the fishermen from the lagoon found the duffel bag that contains the remains of their missing subject. The police marine unit immediately responded only to find another bag that contains her remains as well. Medical officers examined the body and found out that both of it belongs to a woman.


The police officers stated that the evidence that points out it was Brian Pecks’ mother they have obtained in the lagoon by the medical examiners. It all happened in Thursday when they have finally identified, through a scientific examination that the missing woman is found inside the duffel bag. Specific body parts are positive to belong to the missing woman Gail Peck.

On the 29th of October, they conducted an autopsy in order to determine the cause of her death and its manner as well. The investigation is still pending but her son, Brian Peck, is the primary suspect in the murder and throwing out the dismembered remains on the lagoon.

During the hearing that occurred at the Rolling Meadows, Brian Peck repeatedly denied the allegation towards him. The Cook County sheriff and the rest of the officers are still working out on the investigation as the case progresses. The court date for Brian Peck will take place this coming November 11 to determine how he had killed his mother and place her remains inside the bag. Brian was already charged with the murder and is now under the police officers who will keep a good eye on him until the case is completed and justified by the law.

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