Your cat may look like they are enjoying it, but that is only from your own perspective. Having their claws plucked out is never enjoyable for them. The procedure for them starts with pain and the end of it is the same as well. They do not have any medication before the operation. There is even the pain medication delivered intravenously right after the declawing, which lasts for three days. They also face another full week of medication at home, this is only assuming that they do not have any complications, such as the widely known “phantom pain” that affect cats that have been declawed later in life.

Just think about all those pain that the cat has to go through – is it worth it just so you don’t want any scratches on your possessions?

These days, a lot of people, including the veterinarians involved with animal care have come to a conclusion that the claws must be kept since it is part of what a cat is.

There are even clinics that are prohibiting declawing cats and refer to this procedure like “amputation”. These clinics, one in Toronto, see such a procedure as unnecessary and it doesn’t benefit the patients in any kind of way. This was the statement made by Suzanne Lyons from Bloor Animal Hospital. They got the conclusion and decided that there was no sense in continuing the procedure.

They are just one of the many clinics that have joined in this movement of refusing to declare the cats, but with some exceptions. There are already a number of countries that are banning this practice, too. As of this writing, there are more than 25 countries, like Sweden, Israel, and the UK, that already made this practice illegal. In the US, the law on declawing cats is left for the municipalities to decide, thus resulting in a mixed bag all over the country.

The people that are working in rescue missions are blunt about this matter. They view declawing as cruel and not a necessary surgery, which is they prefer not performing it. This is as stated by Rob Halpin from MSPCA- Angeli. There isn’t one of its adoption centers that ever declaw their cats.

The HSUS or Humane Society of the United States has also been very vocal about this practice. They even claimed that cats receive no medical benefit from it. The worse, according to their website, is that most people see this procedure more of a manicure rather than that of a surgical procedure. Declawing traditionally involves amputating the very last bone of every toe, according to the organization. Just imagine if this is performed on a human being – it is like cutting each of the fingers at its last knuckle.

The claws that cats have are a part of them and thus they are designed for clawing. And just expect them what the cats are going to do with them – scratching them on various surfaces.


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