San Diego- The noise just went out claiming the failure of the San Diego news media to give proper and full coverage of Mayor Filner is coming for the discussions with the respected panelist groups.

It had been said that two years ago, Ms. Lori Saldana, a former Assemblywoman had already created made an initial noise over Mayor Bob Filner’s alarming behavior prior to the allegations of sexual harassment that filed against him, yet it is the media neglecting and failure to give further coverage to bring more awareness and warning to the public that resulted now for the scheduled panel discussions with the following seven respected panelists:

  1. Mitch Blacher—the journalist and investigative reporter for the 10 News
  2. Mr. Ryan Clumpner–the former campaign manager of Carl DeMaio
  3. Assistant Editor of CityBeat, Kelly Davis
  4. Mr. Liam Dillon–the reporter working to government for Voice of San Diego
  5. Mr. Craig Gustafson–the reporter for the City Hall, U-T San Diego
  6. Ms. Lorie Hearn–the inewsource executive director
  7. Mr. Darren Pudgil–the Jerry Sanders’ former press secretary

These panelists shall discuss the biggest controversy today answering questions “Did San Diego’s Media Fail to Investigate Filner?” with a moderator for the discussion, Ms. Claire Trageser of KBS. The discussion will be held on August 14, Wednesday. The reception shall be as early as six in the evening and the discussion of the panels for about one hour and a half after that. The said panel discussion is expected to have a special guest; however, they no longer expect the presence of the mayor to appear on the panel discussion which is going to happen in the Downstairs Conference room, KBPS Studios, 5200 Campanile Drive, San Diego California, 92182. Check out the complete details and locations at

This panel discussion of veteran journalist and some political insider was the fueled by the claim of many that San Diego media fails to bring warning for Mayor Bob Filner’s attitude for us to gain better insights into the subject, both before and after situations since Ms. Lori Saldana already mentioned that she tried to make some noise to the Democratic Party Leadership and former reporter of KUSI, Doug Curlee about this, yet media just ignored it. The known fact of what the mayor had been and able to do could have potential kick him out on candidacy even before he sits on his positions.

We are, therefore, calling all interested parties to attend the said panel discussion for you to have better insights. You can enter the lobby of the KBPS Studios around 5 in the afternoon and head to the right room. To check out more information and details about this panel discussion with famous journalist, you may visit

The discussion will shield enlightenment both before and after scenarios, and hopefully, we can get clear and rightful answers to our question whether there is a failure to the San Diego media in covering Mayor Bob Filner’s alarming behavior.


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