The food truck business does look like you can easily open up one for yourself. Just think about it – all you need is a truck where you can use it as a mobile kitchen and sell your stuff. However, just like any other business, the food truck needs to be legal. This means you need to have your food truck go through all the needed inspection in order to make it legally operable. The food truck is no different from a kitchen. The only difference is that the former is moving. They are subjected to greater regulations. Food trucks can do their trade for up to five hours. What you decide on trading will also affect where you are going to trade, at which times and the fees that you are required to pay.

Now that you have an idea what a food truck is going to be like, the process for applying for a license can be overwhelming. Here are some quick tips to get your food truck business moving.

Create your menu and design

Every applicant of the food truck business is required to submit their concept design of the vehicle to the Food Truck Design Panel in Sydney. You are also required to give them a sample menu with photographs of the food that outlines the theme or cuisine of the food truck. You should also outline on how the food is going too cooked as well.

The City of Sydney has high standards already in place and that they are already intended in improving the feel and look of various public places. This means that the design of your food truck and its menu are going to be reviewed based on the following:

  • Innovation, referring to the visual appeal and uniqueness of the truck
  • Sustainable, the features of energy efficiency in your vehicle, including the plans of recycling, disposable and reduction of waste.
  • Ethics, wherein the panel will review the food truck’s use of any fair trade or organic products.

You are required to send your design to the City 8 weeks prior to the date you plan on opening your food truck business.

Food Safety

You are also required to make a detailed plan of your business wherein it outlines how you are going to manage food operation and safety issues. Your plan with this part describes the steps that are needed to make the food you sell safe to eat. It will also have all the food safety management and identification, including the environmental impacts to its like odor, litter and noise. Here are some questions that will help you prep this step:

  • How will the leftover food go to be processed?
  • The sources of the vehicle’s noise and the strategies that you need to address such complaints
  • Measures that you are going to address the odor issues
  • Controls in place when managing litter around the site
  • Cleaning frequency – which items are cleaned, who does the cleaning, etc.

In order to get your food truck going, you need to have a satisfactory report on the health inspection, which will be attached together with your application.


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