Adams Avenue Unplugged is up with a new event this coming weekend. Situated between the University and Kensington Heights, the acoustic marathon is up and about to let you enjoy good music that lets you enjoy up to record 34.

They are also planning to accommodate solo musical performances but only on Saturday that it under the Unplugged on Tap showcasing 12 of the breweries in San Diego. You might want to hurry before the 500 tickets dissolve in a blink of an eye. Since this is a free avenue of music, only the performance of Augie Myers and Sir Douglas Quintet are required to be paid.

This coming weekend, expect to see at least 108 different bands showcasing their talent on music. The Tomcat Courtney, Sara Petite, Euphoria Brass Band, Giggling Gigolos, Jose Sinatra, Gregory Page, and Own Burke are all there. You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

For some reason, the 12 venues do not really accommodate live music or beer tastings including the Dink’s Barber Shop, Home-Start Thrift Boutique, Mona Lizzy’s and Zen Center.

When the head of the Adams Avenue Business Association, Scott Kessler was asked, he stated that he’s looking forward to the continuous expanse of the businesses over the avenue and the wide variety of hosts for their music this year.

So that you know, this is an annual celebration of the association every year called the unplugged festival held only during the spring season. The Adams Avenue Street Fair is filled with music from talented performers who will gather and showcase their talents. You will definitely lose count of where to choose. You can either enjoy an indoor or an outdoor performance—whichever you like.

Kessler also said that the Unplugged Festival is called a musical work about so that there’s a clear separation between the street fair. He found out, during the course of the festival, that most of the people would prefer sitting inside a restaurant and listen to a rock band play. Even if there are headlines for the outdoor performances, the crowd still prefers to be inside—comfortable and relaxed.

The magic of this festival is that you will be able to walk down the entire avenue and check out who’s the performer showcasing their talent every now and then. Most visited venues include the Java Joe’s, Lestat’s, and Rosie O’Grady’s. The whole place is usually jam-packed with people so make sure to arrive early if you wanted to have a good spot while listening.

However, for those who do not feel walking down the avenue, you can simply grab the free shuttle service that will start from noon to the rest of the night. But we highly recommend walking down because it gives you a chance to discover new talents and revisit your favorite venues. You will be surprised at the ages of the performers. Say, the seven-years-old Tommy Ragen and his 12-year old sister Emma about to rock the stage? Yes, they’re all performing cool little musical performances.

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