Happening in Chicago, the fifty years old worker of Amtrak pleaded guilty of steering dollars amounted to $36, 790 felt sorry that he was now sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

The Amtrak worker, Benjamin Sheets, 50 years old and living in the Downers Grove stealth away over thirty- six thousand dollars from the “Polar Express” scheme. The news was flashed in http://fox2now.com/2017/10/12/amtrak-employee-pleads-guilty-to-polar-express-scheme/; the incident happened on Thursday when he lied and made a false statement in hiding that he was a co-manager of his wife’s company. The said company that he and his wife manage is a photo company and Mr. Benjamin Sheets intentionally hide his position as co-managers when the Federal agents scrutinize him during the pictorial in Polar Express. Mr. Benjamin Sheets and his wife’s company was selling ten dollars for each photograph taken on the train passengers/riders and were able to sell an approximate 3, 679 photographs during the known festive holiday event on Chicago Union Station’s Great Hall. According to the authorities, due to the false statement before the arrangement of the said pictorial, he now faced sentences that were released by the Higher Court in February 2018.

The authorities said that the intention of Mr. Benjamin Sheet to hide his identity as co-manager of the photo company is a form of deceit that steered cash by selling photographs. In the event that Mr. Sheets did not give truthful answers to the Federal Authorities on the photo arrangement, thus faced imprisonment.

“Hiding your position to the company as the worker is never an excuse. It is a form of deceit and he had done it to the Federal government. This means that he is not scared to lie even to authorities, how much more too ordinary people, making some kind of extortion for selling photos for ten dollars each,” the Federal authorities said when interviewed.

Though Mr. Benjamin Sheets and his wife tried to contest the decision during the hearing, he still faced punishment for the deceitful act done on Thursday.

“Five years imprisonment is never a joke. This is so harsh verdict for not telling the truth to the authorities, whatever I had done, I also tried to reason out and defend our side with our lawyer, but the law already showed its teeth on me and now, I am facing the consequences,” Mr. Benjamin Sheets voiced out to answer his side when a reporter tried to ask his side.

Despite the effort of Sheets’ family to defend one of their family members, the law is strict in implementing punishment to one who commits a deceitful act in dealing business. The wife said she would file an appeal over the verdict against her husband to lower the sentenced imposed if not to get a complete pardon for him.

Check out more information about this news at http://fox2now.com/2017/10/12/amtrak-employee-pleads-guilty-to-polar-express-scheme/ and keep tuned for more interesting news that highlights daily lifestyle and living, making you aware of what’s happening anywhere.


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