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Italian Foods Italians love their food, and they appreciate well-made dishes. It is like their interest lies in every single ingredient used and where it was grown. Many times when Italian food is mentioned, what comes to mind is pizza...
Tracking glucose has never been easier and more convenient than it is with Diabeticart, this app is known and widely used by the most specialist in tracking, screening, and managing the diabetic patients. The Diabeticart is a handy kit...
Your cat may look like they are enjoying it, but that is only from your own perspective. Having their claws plucked out is never enjoyable for them. The procedure for them starts with pain and the end of it...


Hi, I am Diego. San Diego is one of the most beautiful places, but sadly there aren't many sites that can create knowledge about this place. So I decided to start a platform that will provide information about everything that you have to know about San Diego.

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H.R. 1895/S. 3269: Stand Up Act May Cause a Nationwide Change of Driving Rules for Teens

According to the Center for Disease Control, car crashes are the number one killer of teens. The Stand Up Act addresses the issue with a change of driving rules affecting when teens can obtain a learners permit, the implementation of an intermediate stage, and a minimum age for obtaining full licensing. There are several key points to the Standup Act There must be three stages to acquire full licensing – learner, intermediate, and full licensing. Age 16 should be the earliest a teen can acquire a learners permit. Unsupervised night driving should be restricted. Driving while using cell phones prohibited until age 18. Full licensing no earlier than age 18. Penalties for noncompliance with the Stand Up Act States that do not comply with the Stand Up Act by October 2012 would put themselves at risk of losing highway construction funds. A percentage basis governs this withholding measure, with an increase in percentage for each year of noncompliance. States that comply within three years would receive those funds. Current key risk factors for driving teens According to the CDC, the ages of highest driving risk to teens are 16 to 19, with teen boys 15 to 19 at almost two times the risk of teen girls. Crash risk is highest the first year of driving. One question parents might ask is how raising the minimum driving age to 16 in all states impacts male teens at highest risk. By eliminating the possibility of acquiring a permit at age 15, the Stand Up Act removes those teens from roads, therefore affecting statistics for the youngest male teen drivers. However, all teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are still at high risk. The Stand Up Act addresses this group with the intermediate driving stage. The Stand Up Act has its detractors. Alex Koroknay-Palicz of the Huffington Post suggests that withholding drivers licensing is arbitrary age discrimination. Citing a study by, he further states that teens obtaining licenses under graduated rules have more accidents. Does withholding license to teen drivers make them better drivers, or is it age discrimination that does little more than making some teens wait until adulthood to obtain driver’s licenses to avoid the restrictions? Is cell phone use more dangerous when done by teen drivers than by adult drivers? They are questions worth exploring. The Stand Up Act and TADRA Some states already have portions of the Stand Up Act’s provisions in place. Georgia’s TADRA, or Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act, requires the three-step licensing process and increased education. Since TADRA passed, road fatalities have decreased.

Interesting Facts About Italian Food in San diego

Italian Foods Italians love their food, and they appreciate well-made dishes. It is like their interest lies in every single ingredient used and where it was grown. Many times when Italian food is mentioned, what comes to mind is pizza and pasta, but did you know there is no limit to what you can learn about Italian food? Here are a few of the exciting facts. Italians Take their Meals in Courses Having a meal in Italy is a cultural practice that is savored and never rushed. Regardless of how busy their schedules are, they take a three-course lunch, which is the most important meal of the day, then go back to work. Dinner is usually light and includes dishes like a frittata with salad. Pasta is Different in Italy Pasta is eaten all over the world, but the way it is done in Italy just makes it outstanding. It is served in small portions, and the amount of meat and sauce is minimal so that you can savor every ingredient in the dish. Lasagna is never served with spaghetti in Italy unlike in other countries. Salads Are Served Last Salads are a signal that the meal has come to an end, and they are meant to cleanse the plate. The ingredients of the salad are kept light, with a mix of sliced tomatoes and a toss of vinaigrette. Salads should only comprise what is fresh from the garden; no cheese, thick dressings, or cold cuts. Bread Is Not Part of the Course In different regions of Italy, bread is served differently. In some places, it is served with cheese, while in some places it is served as crostini topped with fresh tomatoes. Bread is not eaten all through the meal, neither should it be nibbled on between courses. It is served with the main course, mainly to help with the cleaning up of the sauce from the plate. However, do not do this in public or when you visit someone’s house unless you are well acquainted. Wine Completes the Meal Every meal must be accompanied by one bottle of wine and another bottle of sparkling water. The quality or type of wine varies from one region to another because there are over 350 types of grapes from which it is made. The wine culture and history have a special place in the lives of Italians, and a meal is never considered complete without it. Coffee, cocktails, and soda are rarely served during a meal because they are believed to hinder the taste-buds from getting the real taste of the food. The wine is complementary to the food, while water awakens the palate buds. Coffee is Not Your Usual Drink Do not be tempted to order a cappuccino at 4 O’clock when you are in Italy. It is only served in the morning as a breakfast drink. The first coffee in the morning, Moka, does not contain chocolate and do not expect to find it just anywhere. However, there are beautiful traditional houses that serve coffee as a revered drink. Learn the language and customs before you order. To Know More Click Here

Panelist Discuss Media’s Failure To Do Proper Scrutiny Over Mayor Filner Alarming Behavior

San Diego- The noise just went out claiming the failure of the San Diego news media to give proper and full coverage of Mayor Filner is coming for the discussions with the respected panelist groups. It had been said that two years ago, Ms. Lori Saldana, a former Assemblywoman had already created made an initial noise over Mayor Bob Filner’s alarming behavior prior to the allegations of sexual harassment that filed against him, yet it is the media neglecting and failure to give further coverage to bring more awareness and warning to the public that resulted now for the scheduled panel discussions with the following seven respected panelists:
  1. Mitch Blacher—the journalist and investigative reporter for the 10 News
  2. Mr. Ryan Clumpner–the former campaign manager of Carl DeMaio
  3. Assistant Editor of CityBeat, Kelly Davis
  4. Mr. Liam Dillon–the reporter working to government for Voice of San Diego
  5. Mr. Craig Gustafson–the reporter for the City Hall, U-T San Diego
  6. Ms. Lorie Hearn–the inewsource executive director
  7. Mr. Darren Pudgil–the Jerry Sanders’ former press secretary
These panelists shall discuss the biggest controversy today answering questions “Did San Diego’s Media Fail to Investigate Filner?” with a moderator for the discussion, Ms. Claire Trageser of KBS. The discussion will be held on August 14, Wednesday. The reception shall be as early as six in the evening and the discussion of the panels for about one hour and a half after that. The said panel discussion is expected to have a special guest; however, they no longer expect the presence of the mayor to appear on the panel discussion which is going to happen in the Downstairs Conference room, KBPS Studios, 5200 Campanile Drive, San Diego California, 92182. Check out the complete details and locations at This panel discussion of veteran journalist and some political insider was the fueled by the claim of many that San Diego media fails to bring warning for Mayor Bob Filner’s attitude for us to gain better insights into the subject, both before and after situations since Ms. Lori Saldana already mentioned that she tried to make some noise to the Democratic Party Leadership and former reporter of KUSI, Doug Curlee about this, yet media just ignored it. The known fact of what the mayor had been and able to do could have potential kick him out on candidacy even before he sits on his positions. We are, therefore, calling all interested parties to attend the said panel discussion for you to have better insights. You can enter the lobby of the KBPS Studios around 5 in the afternoon and head to the right room. To check out more information and details about this panel discussion with famous journalist, you may visit The discussion will shield enlightenment both before and after scenarios, and hopefully, we can get clear and rightful answers to our question whether there is a failure to the San Diego media in covering Mayor Bob Filner’s alarming behavior.

Pleaded Guilty, 50-Year-Old Amtrak Worker Felt Sorry For Scheme

Happening in Chicago, the fifty years old worker of Amtrak pleaded guilty of steering dollars amounted to $36, 790 felt sorry that he was now sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. The Amtrak worker, Benjamin Sheets, 50 years old and living in the Downers Grove stealth away over thirty- six thousand dollars from the “Polar Express” scheme. The news was flashed in; the incident happened on Thursday when he lied and made a false statement in hiding that he was a co-manager of his wife’s company. The said company that he and his wife manage is a photo company and Mr. Benjamin Sheets intentionally hide his position as co-managers when the Federal agents scrutinize him during the pictorial in Polar Express. Mr. Benjamin Sheets and his wife’s company was selling ten dollars for each photograph taken on the train passengers/riders and were able to sell an approximate 3, 679 photographs during the known festive holiday event on Chicago Union Station’s Great Hall. According to the authorities, due to the false statement before the arrangement of the said pictorial, he now faced sentences that were released by the Higher Court in February 2018. The authorities said that the intention of Mr. Benjamin Sheet to hide his identity as co-manager of the photo company is a form of deceit that steered cash by selling photographs. In the event that Mr. Sheets did not give truthful answers to the Federal Authorities on the photo arrangement, thus faced imprisonment. “Hiding your position to the company as the worker is never an excuse. It is a form of deceit and he had done it to the Federal government. This means that he is not scared to lie even to authorities, how much more too ordinary people, making some kind of extortion for selling photos for ten dollars each,” the Federal authorities said when interviewed. Though Mr. Benjamin Sheets and his wife tried to contest the decision during the hearing, he still faced punishment for the deceitful act done on Thursday. “Five years imprisonment is never a joke. This is so harsh verdict for not telling the truth to the authorities, whatever I had done, I also tried to reason out and defend our side with our lawyer, but the law already showed its teeth on me and now, I am facing the consequences,” Mr. Benjamin Sheets voiced out to answer his side when a reporter tried to ask his side. Despite the effort of Sheets’ family to defend one of their family members, the law is strict in implementing punishment to one who commits a deceitful act in dealing business. The wife said she would file an appeal over the verdict against her husband to lower the sentenced imposed if not to get a complete pardon for him. Check out more information about this news at and keep tuned for more interesting news that highlights daily lifestyle and living, making you aware of what’s happening anywhere.

Diabetacart: Managing Diabetes with Technology

Tracking glucose has never been easier and more convenient than it is with Diabeticart, this app is known and widely used by the most specialist in tracking, screening, and managing the diabetic patients. The Diabeticart is a handy kit that assists medical practitioners all over the world in early detection and screening for any complications associated with diabetes, the known disease that limits the capabilities and eating habit of the person who suffered from diabetes. It has the advanced diagnostic components that can screen the retina of the diabetic person for retinopathy, another for early screening for kidney implications with the UACR and Neuropathy screening for monofilament and vibratip. It can also map foot pressure of the diabetic patients and more. When a person suffers from diabetes, their body could not create sufficient amount of insulin or, in some cases, could not this insulin properly which results in leaving the sugar in the blood. It is for this reason why the cells of the body could not have a good supply of sugar that is why the body is weakened and incapable to work on its own. The insulin is the one responsible for helping the glucose get to the cells in our body to produce energy, when this malfunctions, the whole body is at risk for so many complications. With Diabetacart, this is being screened as earlier to prevent fatal disorder in the system. You can check more of Diabetacartat, where many specialists trusted and relied on its diagnostic components for accurate screening to diabetic patients.   Some symptoms of diabetes include numbness in foot, blurred vision, slow healing of wounds, and excessive feeling of thirst, fatigue, more urine excretion, or losing weight. An obese person has the high risk to have diabetes. The hereditary factor is also one reason for people who suffered from diabetes, but with a known risk factor, it was slightly monitored ahead while the people who live a sedentary life can be more careless for the risk. The Diabetacart have significantly lowered premature death and disability of diabetic person since it can give accurate screening to the patients and about 350 million who had diabetes, according to the statistic is now being assisted with Diabetacart in managing their sugar level and preventing serious health complications such as kidney disease, stroke, coronary heart disease and much more. Not all patients who had diabetes feel other symptoms related to the diabetes disease and with the Diabetacart, it had shown that almost 60 percent of patients group is more aware of the health complications that they had with Diabetacart. The innovations of technology had to bring positive impact on health that is the top mission with Diabetacart. Normally, the implications and other underlying health problems with diabetes can only be detected after so many testing, consultation, and screening but with the portable kit, it will screens your body conveniently and fast, making you more cautious and getting ready for medical attention. Check out more about Diabetacart at

Cedar Fire – 10 years later, still like it was yesterday

When you are trained by professionals to do one thing only as a last resort, it means that you only reach for it when the situation calls for it. However, one call did a disaster that caused everything to get burned down, such as a hunter that got lost in a national forest in Cleveland. Back from the 25th of October 2003, the hunter set on a signal fire just like he has been taught to do as the last resort in a situation. But it ignited a forest fire instead. The blaze then burned the ground almost 300,000 acres, killed about 15 people and had destroyed more than 2,000 homes before it was being contained on the 4th of November. The hunter who fired the signal was later sentenced to 6 months private imprisonment plus 960 hours worth of community service by a federal judge. After 10 years, the memories of the biggest wildfire in the history of California still remains fresh in the collective consciousness of the county. It has even made people share their experiences and reflections about such a tragedy online.   10-year anniversary commemoration The internet shared their memories of what happened back then. One of the witnesses of the fire, Greg Hewitt, remembered the day really well. They were living in the Cardiff by the Sea, wherein they washed their cars during the first day and noticed that it was raining ashes. After witnessing that, they were then glued to their TV and they knew it that a lot is going to be affected by the fire, not to mention the devastation that it can do to the ground. That same day in the Peutz Valley, Wendy Padilla Fenner and her 83 years old husband met with one emergency after another. They ultimately lost their home and the 2 businesses that they’ve owned. But what they were really thankful for was their resiliency and their lives, the commitment and the good friends that supported them. Cal Walker even remembers the time that it was both scary yet amazing. Scary because the fire caught up so fast that it was eating up one household after another. Yet because of such a huge event, it also showed unity among people, helping each other out. It even happened between strangers. It was hard for Mike Bradburn to believe that already 10 years have passed since the fire took place. It almost seemed like it was so long ago and at the same time like it just happened yesterday. During that time, Bradburn was at the Alpine COPPS as a deputy sheriff. During the first day, they were in the many hours into the 18+ hour shift and they have not been fed as well. They were on their own and since most of them were called out, they did not have much water or food with them. He still remembered passing by the Shell Station, they went in and told the clerk what they needed in order to have some food. The clerk, in turn, gave all the sandwiches they had together with some drinks. Please give us a feedback here

How to Make Your Food Truck Business Legal

The food truck business does look like you can easily open up one for yourself. Just think about it – all you need is a truck where you can use it as a mobile kitchen and sell your stuff. However, just like any other business, the food truck needs to be legal. This means you need to have your food truck go through all the needed inspection in order to make it legally operable. The food truck is no different from a kitchen. The only difference is that the former is moving. They are subjected to greater regulations. Food trucks can do their trade for up to five hours. What you decide on trading will also affect where you are going to trade, at which times and the fees that you are required to pay. Now that you have an idea what a food truck is going to be like, the process for applying for a license can be overwhelming. Here are some quick tips to get your food truck business moving. Create your menu and design Every applicant of the food truck business is required to submit their concept design of the vehicle to the Food Truck Design Panel in Sydney. You are also required to give them a sample menu with photographs of the food that outlines the theme or cuisine of the food truck. You should also outline on how the food is going too cooked as well. The City of Sydney has high standards already in place and that they are already intended in improving the feel and look of various public places. This means that the design of your food truck and its menu are going to be reviewed based on the following:
  • Innovation, referring to the visual appeal and uniqueness of the truck
  • Sustainable, the features of energy efficiency in your vehicle, including the plans of recycling, disposable and reduction of waste.
  • Ethics, wherein the panel will review the food truck’s use of any fair trade or organic products.
You are required to send your design to the City 8 weeks prior to the date you plan on opening your food truck business. Food Safety You are also required to make a detailed plan of your business wherein it outlines how you are going to manage food operation and safety issues. Your plan with this part describes the steps that are needed to make the food you sell safe to eat. It will also have all the food safety management and identification, including the environmental impacts to its like odor, litter and noise. Here are some questions that will help you prep this step:
  • How will the leftover food go to be processed?
  • The sources of the vehicle’s noise and the strategies that you need to address such complaints
  • Measures that you are going to address the odor issues
  • Controls in place when managing litter around the site
  • Cleaning frequency – which items are cleaned, who does the cleaning, etc.
In order to get your food truck going, you need to have a satisfactory report on the health inspection, which will be attached together with your application.

Your Cat’s Claws – Why They Should Never Be Taken Away

Your cat may look like they are enjoying it, but that is only from your own perspective. Having their claws plucked out is never enjoyable for them. The procedure for them starts with pain and the end of it is the same as well. They do not have any medication before the operation. There is even the pain medication delivered intravenously right after the declawing, which lasts for three days. They also face another full week of medication at home, this is only assuming that they do not have any complications, such as the widely known “phantom pain” that affect cats that have been declawed later in life. Just think about all those pain that the cat has to go through – is it worth it just so you don’t want any scratches on your possessions? These days, a lot of people, including the veterinarians involved with animal care have come to a conclusion that the claws must be kept since it is part of what a cat is. There are even clinics that are prohibiting declawing cats and refer to this procedure like “amputation”. These clinics, one in Toronto, see such a procedure as unnecessary and it doesn’t benefit the patients in any kind of way. This was the statement made by Suzanne Lyons from Bloor Animal Hospital. They got the conclusion and decided that there was no sense in continuing the procedure. They are just one of the many clinics that have joined in this movement of refusing to declare the cats, but with some exceptions. There are already a number of countries that are banning this practice, too. As of this writing, there are more than 25 countries, like Sweden, Israel, and the UK, that already made this practice illegal. In the US, the law on declawing cats is left for the municipalities to decide, thus resulting in a mixed bag all over the country. The people that are working in rescue missions are blunt about this matter. They view declawing as cruel and not a necessary surgery, which is they prefer not performing it. This is as stated by Rob Halpin from MSPCA- Angeli. There isn’t one of its adoption centers that ever declaw their cats. The HSUS or Humane Society of the United States has also been very vocal about this practice. They even claimed that cats receive no medical benefit from it. The worse, according to their website, is that most people see this procedure more of a manicure rather than that of a surgical procedure. Declawing traditionally involves amputating the very last bone of every toe, according to the organization. Just imagine if this is performed on a human being – it is like cutting each of the fingers at its last knuckle. The claws that cats have are a part of them and thus they are designed for clawing. And just expect them what the cats are going to do with them – scratching them on various surfaces.

76-year old Elgin Woman Killed by Her Own Son

The remains of a 76-year old Elgin woman were said to be found inside a duffel bag in Lincoln Park lagoon, and the Cook County medical examiner’s office has also confirmed that these remains were the result of murder by the woman’s son. The 55-year old son of the victim, Brian Peck, was charged with murder last Tuesday and for throwing out her remains on the north side of the lagoon where it was recovered. The Elgin police charged Peck of murder and concealment of homicidal death as well. It was Peck who reported that the mother of Brian Peck, Gail Peck, has gone missing last Friday at exactly 3:37 in the afternoon. According to the story, he told the police, his mother went to walk their dog but never came back. It was only the dog that returned to the house located in the 700 block of Littleton Trail in Elgin. The police officers searched the entire area with the help of the Community Emergency Services Team, ATVs, Elgin front, and the Cook County helicopter as well. Most of the residents living in the same neighborhood tried to help make the search speedy as well. It was then the detectives came to the realization that the story of the missing Gail Peck is not what her son had told. They searched frantically until they came up with the warrant. The following morning of the search, at around 11 in the morning, the fishermen from the lagoon found the duffel bag that contains the remains of their missing subject. The police marine unit immediately responded only to find another bag that contains her remains as well. Medical officers examined the body and found out that both of it belongs to a woman.   The police officers stated that the evidence that points out it was Brian Pecks’ mother they have obtained in the lagoon by the medical examiners. It all happened in Thursday when they have finally identified, through a scientific examination that the missing woman is found inside the duffel bag. Specific body parts are positive to belong to the missing woman Gail Peck. On the 29th of October, they conducted an autopsy in order to determine the cause of her death and its manner as well. The investigation is still pending but her son, Brian Peck, is the primary suspect in the murder and throwing out the dismembered remains on the lagoon. During the hearing that occurred at the Rolling Meadows, Brian Peck repeatedly denied the allegation towards him. The Cook County sheriff and the rest of the officers are still working out on the investigation as the case progresses. The court date for Brian Peck will take place this coming November 11 to determine how he had killed his mother and place her remains inside the bag. Brian was already charged with the murder and is now under the police officers who will keep a good eye on him until the case is completed and justified by the law. To Know More Click Here

Annual Unplugged Festival to be held in Adams Avenue

Adams Avenue Unplugged is up with a new event this coming weekend. Situated between the University and Kensington Heights, the acoustic marathon is up and about to let you enjoy good music that lets you enjoy up to record 34. They are also planning to accommodate solo musical performances but only on Saturday that it under the Unplugged on Tap showcasing 12 of the breweries in San Diego. You might want to hurry before the 500 tickets dissolve in a blink of an eye. Since this is a free avenue of music, only the performance of Augie Myers and Sir Douglas Quintet are required to be paid. This coming weekend, expect to see at least 108 different bands showcasing their talent on music. The Tomcat Courtney, Sara Petite, Euphoria Brass Band, Giggling Gigolos, Jose Sinatra, Gregory Page, and Own Burke are all there. You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. For some reason, the 12 venues do not really accommodate live music or beer tastings including the Dink’s Barber Shop, Home-Start Thrift Boutique, Mona Lizzy’s and Zen Center. When the head of the Adams Avenue Business Association, Scott Kessler was asked, he stated that he’s looking forward to the continuous expanse of the businesses over the avenue and the wide variety of hosts for their music this year. So that you know, this is an annual celebration of the association every year called the unplugged festival held only during the spring season. The Adams Avenue Street Fair is filled with music from talented performers who will gather and showcase their talents. You will definitely lose count of where to choose. You can either enjoy an indoor or an outdoor performance—whichever you like. Kessler also said that the Unplugged Festival is called a musical work about so that there’s a clear separation between the street fair. He found out, during the course of the festival, that most of the people would prefer sitting inside a restaurant and listen to a rock band play. Even if there are headlines for the outdoor performances, the crowd still prefers to be inside—comfortable and relaxed. The magic of this festival is that you will be able to walk down the entire avenue and check out who’s the performer showcasing their talent every now and then. Most visited venues include the Java Joe’s, Lestat’s, and Rosie O’Grady’s. The whole place is usually jam-packed with people so make sure to arrive early if you wanted to have a good spot while listening. However, for those who do not feel walking down the avenue, you can simply grab the free shuttle service that will start from noon to the rest of the night. But we highly recommend walking down because it gives you a chance to discover new talents and revisit your favorite venues. You will be surprised at the ages of the performers. Say, the seven-years-old Tommy Ragen and his 12-year old sister Emma about to rock the stage? Yes, they’re all performing cool little musical performances.